Custom amiga designs

Custom amiga designs


A little how about 3d print service came to life.

Welcome to this page.

Like the most of everyone that visit this website i am a big Commodore Amiga Fan.

I had them allmost all exept the Amiga CDTV . I still own a few myself like mine main amiga machine is the Amiga 4000 D with rtg ,usb,audio etc all installed . still have 2 A1200 one in an tower, an AmigaOne 500 and some Morphos machines.

With the love for Amiga  when i got the 3D  Printer i made some little covers for the  A4000 and a new trapdoor for the A1200.

i always had the plan to make amiga related items that was needed, like the trapdoors that always are missing or broken down. etc

now with all the new hardware around and no way the get them looking good in the amiga casings i started planning and drawing .

after a while i made my first amiga related trapdoor for an Amiga 500..

Sizing was a little off so i corrected it etc.

made a second ,after fine tuning the 3D printer settings.

it works and came off the 3d printer even better i had hoped for.

i also had contact with Daniel (daytona on forums) so i told him and he helped me a little i made and trapdoor dvi cover for the desktop Amiga 1200 And a special trapdoor for his apollo 060. and so it al started got many good reactions to it so i decided to help the Amiga Community a little.

Hope you guys like it.And remember its all printed not molded.

Thats the story in short.

I wanted to help the amiga community out. and make some fun out of a hobby.

Besides amiga related stuff i will also make raspberry pi cases and other things.

but the focus is on amiga related stuff. like amiga 500, 1000, 600 ,4000,1200 ,2000 cdtv , cd32 etc.

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  1. I downloaded the hex file for the cr-10s bltouch marlin 2 bug fix.. my bed is 500 x 500 that one is set to 300 x 300. how do I change that?

  2. Hello, could you make an hex file for cr10 with creality bltouch, creality firmware sucks a lot there’s always issues. I can pay for it, and am sure that am not the same in the case…I tried to do it with arduino, am not a beginner in marlin but here I can’t find the solution…hope you can do sthg for me using marlin 2.x. Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Hello Jean its added on the website , marlin2 bltouch pin 27 left mounted as a bulleye mount should also work with orig creality mount

  3. Hello there! Not directly related to all that, I just wanted to know if you would print in black? I have a black A1200 and would need an Apollo trapdoor in black!

  4. i need an amiga 4000 front, what do you mean by quality difference between 1 and 2 pieces? where is the split for 2 piece ?

  5. I just want to take this moment to emphasize the commitment that 3D-Print Services show their customers. In my case, the company has really shown me a level of service and professionalism that I have never seen in the Amiga community. Simply put, they have really set an example for the rest of the Amiga businesses to follow. That being said, I would return anytime. Thank you! 👍

  6. I have a 4000 desktop with no top or front so might be interested in the front you are selling. Is the black not available yet? What are the prices for each? Thanks

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